Longfellow Middle School Quiz Bowl

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2013-14.  Longfellow Contends for National Title

​​After a disappointing season, Longfellow rallied this year and were in the mix at NAQT nationals.  This was a surprise given mixed results during the year due to player absences and consecutive losses to Independence A.  Liam Donovan emerged as a top-notch history expert.  Adi Sarkar solidified the science slot, and Carson Flickinger took care of math and miscellaneous.  The big surprise this year was rookie 8th grader Rohan Hegde who became one of the best trash experts in the country and coupled that with better than average literature knowledge.  

B team was led by veteran Alex Howe and 7th grader Wenbo Wu.

While everyone was talking about the strong Texas teams, Longfellow surprised by making it to the quarterfinals against Harmony (Houston, TX).  Leading with only 4-5 tossups to go, the Harmony captain caught fire and snatch victory away from Longfellow.  Harmony went on to win the tournament.  Longfellow could hold their heads high knowing that they could have beaten the eventual champion.

At the National History Bowl, Longfellow again came close, making it to the semifinals.

Tournaments (click for results):

Charter Fall JV 11/2/13​​​
Centennial 12/8/13
Manehim Township 1/18/1​​4 ​ 
LATTE 2/8/14
Wilmington Charter 3/8/14
TJIAT 4/5/14
NAQT Nationals 5/10/14
National History Bowl

Manheim, LMS A team: Rohan Hegde, Aditya Sarkar, Liam Donovan, Carson Flickinger