Longfellow Middle School Quiz Bowl

  We know stuff.

​2011-2012.  "The greatest team ever." - Mr. Huang

Having great quiz bowl teams requires some luck.  The right combination of players have to be at the school at the same time, and it certainly helps to have that one all-star who carries the team during the most challenging moments.  Longfellow had all of that during the 2011-12 season.

Tajin Rogers had already impressed as a 7th grader, leading the team in scoring.  Emma Fan was already the fastest myth specialist Longfellow ever had.  As long as Mathcounts and Science Bowl did not interfere, Longfellow had Ross Dempsey, a math specialist without equal.  At the beginning of the year, the 4th spot was still up for grabs.  By January, Mr. Huang settled on Ryan Golant to fill the few holes in literature and music.  As an added bonus, we had Junyoung Hwang, captain of B-team whose history knowledge was almost as good as Tajin's.  "If it weren't for Tajin, Junyoung would have been A-team captain," said Mr. Huang.

Longfellow won the spring KMO, came in 2nd to TJ (including Kate Salamido and Bobbie Sheng) at the Fall Novice, and came in 2nd to Kealing (Austin, TX) at MSNCT in an advantaged final match that Mr. Huang still says is the greatest match he has ever seen.

Tournaments.  Click for stats.

Maryland Fall - 9th
TJ OLEFIN - 14th, 18th
St. Anselm's Fall Novice - 2nd
KMO Fall - 2nd
Centennial - 10th
TJIAT LIST II Mirror - 13th
TJ Prison Bowl Mirror - 14th
Delaware Spring - 3rd, 9th
KMO Spring - 1st
MSNCT - 2nd
National History Bowl - 1st
National History Bee - 1st - Tajin Rogers