Longfellow Middle School Quiz Bowl

  We know stuff.

2010-11.  Moving on Without Jonathan.

​With the departure of Jonathan Leidenheimer, Nadege Aoki, Carrie Murton and Hannah Pho, Mr. Huang expected a drop in quality.  Then Tajin Rogers arrived.  Early season practices showed he was someone special.  "I remember when we played a prelim against Richard Montgomery," said Mr. Huang.  "Tajin answered the hardest of the three bonus parts.  The answer was Charles Sumner.  Raynell Cooper's (captain of RM and later Teen Jeopardy champion) jaw dropped."

Under the iron fist captaincy of Kate Salamido, Longfellow won both KMOs.  Bobbie Sheng and Renee Wah provided the literature base.  NAQT's first-ever MSNCT allowed Longfellow to show the country our quality.  We finished third behind fine teams from Barrington (Illinois) and Kealing (Texas).  At the last NAC Longfellow participated in, we won our third national title.


Maryland Fall - 12th
Delaware Fall - 4th
TJ NOEXIT - 7th, 12th
KMO Fall - 1st
KMO Spring​ - 1st
Charter Challenge - 1st, 3rd
St. Anselms PSAT/NMSQT - 17th
MSNCT - 3rd
​NAC - 1st