Longfellow Middle School Quiz Bowl

  We know stuff.

2009-10 History.  Longfellow's Reputation Grows.

Hungry for more than just the KMOs and the NAC and eager to compare Longfellow to other middle schools, Mr. Huang entered Longfellow in the seventh installment of the Barrington Invitational (Chicago), and came away with 1st place despite not taking Nadege Aoki or Carrie Murton.  This included a 640-20 win in prelims in which we (meaning Jonathan) got 18 out of 20 tossups.

""It's too bad there wasn't a pyramidal national tournament for middle schools yet," said Mr. Huang. "Lots of people never got to see how good Jonathan was.

Longfellow won it's 2nd NAC and both KMOs.  Signs of good things to come, Bobbie Sheng and Kate Salamido both impressed as 7th graders.


KMO Fall - 1st
KMO Spring - 1st
Barrington Invitational VII - 1st
NAC - 1st


Pre-tournament meeting in gym: Ben Felstein, Jonathan Leidenheimer, Bobbie Sheng, Anna Tursi, Kate Salamido
First match at Barrington
First match: Michael Sanders, Anna Tursi, Jonathan Leidenheimer, Kate Salamido
2nd victory at NAC: Carrie Murton, Timo Sheridan, Jonathan Leidenheimer, Nadege Aoki, Hannah Pho