2008-09.  The 2nd generation and welcome to Leidenheimer.

In the fall of 2008, the 2nd generation arrived, a generation that could finally catapult Longfellow onto the national scene with its first KMO and NAC win.

When Jonathan Leidenheimer arrived, that hope grew even more. Leidenheimer possessed an incredible library of historical knowledge and a quick trigger.  Local high school players could not believe he was for real.  "Between matches, high school players were actually searching for him to rub his head for good luck," said Mr. Huang.

Arriving with Leidenheimer were Nadege Aoki and Carrie Murton, a pair with stunning literature and myth knowledge.

Being a young team, leadership and cohesiveness was at first a problem in the fall KMO where lack of teamwork resulted in finishing 4th.  Eventually, Longfellow learned to play as a team. Behind the stellar leadership of Aoki and Murton as well as Leidenheimer's vast knowledge, Longfellow finally won the spring KMO and as well as its first NAC.


KMO Fall - 4th
KMO Spring - 1st
NAC - 1st


 Longfellow Middle School Quiz Bowl

  We know stuff.